How The Billi Boys Are Creating Passive Income.

 If you are looking to add another source of income in your asset collum, Billionaire Mindset offers an easy opportunity to make money while you sleep. When you sign up to the "Billi Boyz Club" you recieve a commission for all the products in the store when you promote. Now I know that sounds like any other affilate program but this parntership opportunity allows you to extend your affilate network 3 levels deep. That means after your purchase, you promote, someone see's and buys, you get paid. When your customer promotes their purchse and someone buys, you get paid again. The kicker is, now when your customers customer promotes their purchase and someone buys, you get paid again. 

 If your balance sheet dosen't include income producing assest, you will be working for the rest of your life. Billionaire Mindset offering up profit sharing is a way of creating income. According to CEO Billionaire Danny, the Billi Hoodies sell themselves so why not give an inccentive to create income for eveyday entrprenure. 

"Imagine if FUBU, or Sean Jean gave the opprotunity to their fans and clients to capitalize off of the fashion at the peak of their hype." Says Billionaire Danny. "I believe in giving all involved parties equal opportunity to profit off of the brand, especially the fans, they're the ones the make it popular. No fans no brand."

 If you are looking for another source of passive income, fill out the link below and sign up to be in the Billi Boyz club. In the club they have a ton of free value for it's members that will assist you in fincial literacy and mindset growth, hence the name Billionaire Mindset. 

-Billionaire Mindset Brand.

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