Asking for success but preparing for failure.

If one asks for success and prepares for failure, he will get the situation he has prepared for. 

Man must prepare for the thing he has asked for, when there isn’t the slightest sign of it in sight.

The question I have for you today is? 

Are you preparing for success? Or are you preparing for failure? 

Are you following up your plan “A” with a Plan “B” or are you diving all the way in with active faith that you will swim and come up victorious. 

Do you believe that the idea that came to you will find its way into reality or will it be drowned out by fear?

Let’s go back to the book 

Think and Grow Rich -Napoleon Hill page 24. 

Napoleon Hill Writes...

A long while ago a great warrior faced a situation which made it necessary for him to make a decision which insured his success on the battlefield. He was about to send his armies against a powerful foe, whose men outnumbered his own. He loaded his soldiers into boats, sailed to the enemy’s country, unloaded soldiers and equipment, then gave the order to burn the ships that had carried them. Addressing his men before the first battle, he said, “You see the boats going up in smoke. That means that we cannot leave these shores alive unless we win! We now have no choice-We win-or we perish! They won. 

Every person who wins in any undertaking must be willing to burn his ships and cut all sources of retreat. Only by doing so can one be sure of maintaining that state of mind known as a burning desire to win, essential to success.

What is your burning desire?

What is the idea that you have that you KNOW is going to win?

See at that idea, hold it in your mind. Feel it! Now have faith that that idea will come into fruition.

The prefix for fruition is fruit. Your idea is a seed that will grow into fruit that you can hold if you have active faith! and not let roots of fear and doubt suffocate your idea leaving it buried with all the other dreams and successes that you may have had in the past. 

Believe with active faith! 

Now let's go back to “The Game of Life and How to Play It. Shinn wirtes.. 

A big demonstration is usually preceded by tormenting thoughts… In your own mind.. 

Having made a statement of high spiritual truth one challenges the old beliefs in the subconscious, and error is exposed to be put out.

Your old beliefs doesn't like your new idea. I’m not going to be broke no more.. “Oh yes you are.. I have this new idea… Well what about your bills?.. Damn I guess my idea will have to wait? Your old belief deep down in your subconscious aim to expose why the idea won’t work and then you lose faith and continue to act in the same manner. 

Have you ever had an idea that you thought would work but it got beat down by your own fear!

Your own limiting beliefs? 

Now let's say that idea makes it out of the trenches of your mind and you speak on it. Now that idea has to survive the fears and doubts of other people! 

Now let's say that idea makes it through the fears and doubts of other people, your friends, family, co-workers, advisors, people around you. 

Do you prepare for it to come into fruition or do you prepare for it to not work?

I believe that this idea will work but I’m going to have a plan B just in case, you’re preparing for it not to work before you even get started. You’re starving the seed of the nutrients it needs to be successful, How can it work? You don’t believe in it, you don’t have active faith that it will work, and it shows in your actions. The suffix of attraction is ACTION!  Law of Attraction takes action. Acting on belief that your idea will be successful. 

Man can only receive what he sees himself receiving. 

That idea you have in your mind, prepare for it to work. Prepare for its success. Prepare to receive what comes from it. 

If you have a t-shirt printing business, prepare for your clients. If you have a podcast idea prepare for your listeners. Your idea will work. You are a genius. You are absolutely right in your way of thinking. Prepare for it!. 

How do you prepare for your idea to work? 

You act as if your idea has already worked! 

Lets say you want to start a t-shirt printing business, you believe the idea will work, everybody where’s clothes, but you only have $100 to your name. Now how you spend that $100 is a testament to your inner belief system and your active faith. How would a person that knows for a fact that his t-shirt business is going to thrive, spend that $100.. That is the testament and proof of your faith and how you become successful in any venture that you choose.  

Whatever idea you have, go all the way you are already successful.

This is Billionaire Danny with Prosperity talk. 

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